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Oct 31

What is an Elevator Speech?

The Problem – Analysis isn’t Read by Decision Makers You just completed a great analysis of your market showing promising opportunities for the company. You spent a week finessing the models and did the data mining using your company’s new BIG DATA system. You gave the 100 slide deck to your boss. And then… nothing. …

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Oct 29

Using the Balanced Scorecard In Project Management

People make up teams

Project managers frequently measure and rate team member performance. The balanced scorecard measures the results within the control of the team, while showing the value the team brings to the overall company. While this oversimplifies a complex problem, companies across the world utilize balanced scorecards to rate themselves, divisions, departments, teams and individuals. What Is …

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Oct 28

How Does Agile Project Management Work?

If you read articles on the current thoughts on project management, it appears that traditional project management and agile project management are at odds with each other. A good project manager pulls from both frameworks to help ensure that communications happens. Processes need documentation to allow a clear discussion with stakeholders. Understanding the mindset of …

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Oct 28

Personal Development – You’re in Charge!

What does personal development mean to you? Every day, we all complete tasks on our projects or programs. How much time in the day was devoted to personal development? Staying in one position for an entire career isn’t an option. With the improving global economy, company mergers and acquisitions result in new ways to accomplish …

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Oct 10

Establishing an Internship Program for Nonprofit Organizations

Setting up an internship program for your nonprofit organization gives you and the intern valuable experience. You have the opportunity to train the next generation why nonprofit organizations are important for the greater good of society. The interns learn valuable skills. At an organization with a vibrant internship program, the interns learn different skills based …

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Oct 10

Creating the Project Vision Statement

The project vision statement  provides a clear message of  what the project aims to achieve. It helps focus stakeholders and developers on the key elements and features being developed for the product of the project. It works as a high-level road-map of what success looks like for the team. The Project Vision Statement Workshop Strong …

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Oct 09

How the Sales process and Sales Compensation Work Together

In the not so distant past, companies had clear breaks between sales representatives, support staff and marketing. Classic sales representatives have geographic territories, visit clients to hold sales calls, write up orders and then move on. The more sales a representative made, the more money the sales representative earned. Today, complex products and buying processes …

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