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What are we doing at Norton Creative Solutions?

Brad Norton founded Norton Creative Solutions to help contractors, consultants and nonprofit organizations work together. Brad works with each organization on a contract basis, providing program management skills to help teams meet their fullest potential.

Norton Creative helps in four ways:

facilitation training

Training Workshops:

Create excitement for your team through a well-run workshop! The organization benefits with better team morale, a sense of purpose and a feeling that the group is heading in the right direction. Norton Creative and Brad Norton provide expert facilitation for training workshops, project vision meetings, or brainstorming sessions for donor development.  Brad also has a facilitation training workshop to train the trainer on different types of meeting facilitation – from brainstorming sessions to staff meetings!

Call Brad and discuss your ideas.

Business planning:

If you are a non-profit organization, you exist to help the greater good. If you are a small business, you need to provide services or products better than your competition. Businesses must know how they appear in the marketplace. How do your customers see you? Who is your competition? Is your message getting out to people who make decisions? Norton Creative Solutions helps by designing intuitive business plans for non-business majors. Let Norton Creative’s road map approach help your organization today!

Developing and Refining Mission and Vision statements:


Nonprofit and non-governmental organizations( NGOs) live by their mission statements. Norton Creative Solutions provides facilitation that is fun, and productive. Use the mission statement workshop to rally the team around the mission of your organization. Brad will also provide facilitation training coaching for your executive team to run your own workshop. Your mission statement becomes something that guides everybody and helps attract volunteers, donors and results!

Understanding and applying Agile Project Management:

agile project managementAgile project management provides the tools for common sense development of products, plans and projects. Teams focus on the outcome and the customer – not the process. Norton Creative provides workshops and training to help your nonprofit teams see the benefits of using agile project management techniques on your next project.


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